#disTURBtheCANCER  is  a  project  by  Elisa  Negro,  image  consultant  and  founder  of  the  company  NELIS & GLAM, a brand that produces headbands and turbans, hand sewn and all strictly Made in Italy.

The project is dedicated to study of design and the realization of turbans and bonnets, specifically designed for alopecia, especially of chemotherapy type.

The turban #disTURBtheCANCER is composed of a milk fiber covering, in direct contact with the skin and a silk headband, plain or patterned, knotted on the top of the head, so that it can adorn the accessory and make it a fashionable and elegant element, declinable with the main outfits of each woman’s wardrobe.Disturbthecancer_image1

Milk fiber is a fabric obtained from casein, with beneficial characteristics, very difficult to find simultaneously in other yarns. In fact, it is hypoallergenic, breathable, thermoregulating, able to protect from UV rays, moisturizing, absorbent, antibacterial and completely compostable.

The turban #disTURBtheCANCER wraps the head entirely, does not have an excessive number of seams, as they would cause irritation and itching, and has a structure that recreates enough volume on the head to give back the feeling of the presence of the hair and leave enough room for those that will grow back.

Disturbthecancer_image2The absence of hair, especially for a woman, is often a source of discomfort when dealing with interlocutors. Moreover, a person undergoing chemotherapy is not only forced to face a complex and painful pathology but must also interface with society on a daily basis, establishing new communication rules at an aesthetic level.

A woman who chooses a #disTURBtheCANCER turban will be able to face the alopecia phase with greater serenity while guaranteeing her skin the ideal conditions for better hair regrowth.

#disTURBtheCANCER also includes a collection of single-colored bonnets, entirely made of milk fiber, which fit well with any kind of look and are indispensable at night, to prevent the skin from coming into direct contact with the pillowcase.


Elisa Negro is Image Coach and Style Consultant. She works in Milan, Rome, Lugano and Varese.

She is responsible for personal styling of private clients and animates boutiques, showrooms and stores with fashion styling events.

She is style coach for corporate groups in the luxury, food and healthcare sectors.

Member of AICI, Association of Image Consultants International, Elisa Negro teaches Image Consulting & Personal Shopping, Seasonal Color Analysis, Personal Styling, Bridal Styling, Business Image and she collaborates as a publicist with some online magazines.

In 2018, she realized the ancient dream of becoming a fashion designer, founding NELIS & GLAM, an all-female start-up of headwear accessories with turbans as her flagship.

In summer 2019, Elisa Negro gave life to the #disTURBtheCANCER project, deeming it essential to create a head accessory that pays attention to a woman’s well-being, in an extremely delicate phase of life.